Making for Beginners – Part Three

Making for Beginners - Part Three

Over the previous two posts in this series, we've looked at Safety and Materials. In this post we take a look at how to manipulate, measure, cut, and form our materials.

It goes without saying that you are going to need a way to measure. I keep a bunch of steel rulers on hand, both Standard (for my American kiddos) and Metric (for this Redcoat). Steel rulers dings and nicks from blades as you run them by. Also, you can get these neat rulers with an extra grip for smaller fingers. Naturally, I'm doing most of the cutting, but the kids help measure and mark.

Speaking of marking, I am a Blackwing Pencil kind of guy.  If you are on a budget, go get the 100 pencil bulk pack from Amazon Basics.

So we can measure and mark, but what about cutting? X-acto is my go to small hobby blade, but I also keep a bunch of larger blades for cutting through thicker mediums. Keep plenty of spare blades as things go horribly wrong with dull edges.

T-squares, Try Square and other right angle tools are important tool. Before I had a fancy one I used a block of wood that I knew was square.  You do what you can right?  A trip down to the local hardware store will put you in front of a wall of these things. They don't cost much, and if you take care of them they will last a lifetime.

Scissors, you'll need a few. Safety scissors for the smaller hands, then scissors for paper and others for fabric.  Scissors are not for cutting wire - I can't tell you just how much it infuriates me when there is a gouge in my scissors because they have been used to cut through something tougher than paper.

Cutting tools are easy and the chances are you already have a bunch of these items around the house. Ruler, Pencil, Hobby Blade, boom you're ready to start cutting up your materials.


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