Making for Beginners – Part Two

Part two of our Making for Beginners series focuses on the topic of materials, specifically the types of materials you should have on hand for all of your maker projects. Here there are no hard and fast rules about the types of material you can work with. For me, much of what I would normally recycle is fair game. Cardboard snack boxes, Amazon delivery boxes through to old news papers, are easy materials to get your hands on with little or no extra cost.

Graduating beyond cardboard we go to foamboard. Any substantial project we undertake often begins with a foam board prototype. It's easy to cut, easy to glue and lightweight enough for the kids to use. I buy foamboard in bulk, just to be certain I have plenty on hand.

From foamboard we move onto the wood category. Thin plyboard hobby wood is easy to use, comes in manageable sizes and cheap when purchased in bulk.

That's not to say the materials list ends here, with some imagination you can find sources of materials everywhere.

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Foam Board 11X14" 12 Pack

Birch Plywood Sheets