Turn Junk into SteamPunk

In my shop, I tend to generate as much scrap and left over bits as I do actualSteampunk Spider builds. The closet hoarder inside me won't let me throw anything out for fear of needing it down the way.

I recommend keeping gears, motors, wires, screws, broken bulbs, scraps of metal from soda cans, tin foil, coat wire,  leather, canvas.. heck anything you are about to put in the trash probably has something salvageable on or in it. Take a small shoe box and drop in these parts, because one day you are going to need a tiny motor or collection of gears. When you do, remember to reach out and thank me.

The idea of using some of this junk was the inspiration for my Steampunk Junk Spider. Why a spider? The bulb reminded me of the abdomen of an insect, and so I figured why not? I do realize I am a pair of legs short on my spider, but perhaps a Steampunk Junk Mantis ate them...

Build List

  • Burned-out Edison Bulb
  • Bobbin
  • Various broken watch mechanisms and gears
  • Micro motor from a broke Canon Powershot
  • Cat's eye from plush toy
  • Recovered wires from transformers and electromagnets
  • Erector Set Parts (Various)
  • Pins from the Tomato thing my wife has
  • Scraps of brass, copper pipe
  • Brass Rub-N-Buff
  • Various oil paints
  • Gorilla Glue Hot Glue
  • Gorilla Glue SuperGlue (CA)

Want to see how I made it? Click here for my YouTube Video.


Steampunk Spider

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Gorilla Glue Hot Glue Sticks

Gorilla Glue SuperGlue (CA)

K&S Brass Tubes

Assorted Watch Gears

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