We’re Making a Wall-e !

We are Building a Wall-E !

Follow along as each week we take this design from paper, through prototyping, iteration and beyond.  A project like this will take every skill I have to pull off and I want to share the Maker story with you.

In this episode I talk about the initial project, my design methodology, and talk about the benefits of creating a scale foamboard model. Most of my upcoming engineering challenges can be visualized with the foamboard prototype.  Next I move into a mechanical prototype with the help of MakerBeam XL. If you are not familiar with MakerBeam, I suggest you go look it up. A highly versatile t-slot building platform that allows you to quickly design and build - but equally allows you to disassemble and start over. I use MakerBeam XL in many of my projects and I can't get enough of it.

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